How to have a beautiful smile this holiday

On these holidays everyone wants to show off a beautiful, white smile to their relatives, colleagues, and friends. Even when this year most gatherings will be reduced due to the Coronavirus pandemic. That is why in this article we will talk about tips to achieve a holiday smile and about different aesthetical procedures that we offer in Somos Dental.

1) Brush your teeth 3 times a day. Even when this may seem like an obvious tip, there is a lot of people who have not kept their regular brushing routine since the beginning of the pandemic

2) Floss daily. Another healthy habit for your smile is to floss daily, preferably before going to sleep. By flossing you remove any left-over pieces of food and bacteria between your teeth, so you are protecting your teeth from interdental cavities and other diseases.

3) Watch your diet. Some people do not realize that their teeth are suffering from wear and yellow coloration due to their diet. If you smoke, drink coffee, or tea, you may be damaging your teeth. Try to reduce any of these substances from your diet to achieve a white and healthy smile.

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Aesthetical dental treatments for a beautiful smile this Holiday 

  • Gingivectomy: Is a treatment that will help you achieve a holiday-worthy smile. Consists of cutting the excess of gum to help your teeth show a more symmetrically beautiful shape. This is a popular treatment during the holiday seasons, since it is permanent, and it takes little time to heal.
  • Dental braces: Even when this will not give fast results, getting an orthodontics treatment is one of the best decisions that anyone can take. It will dramatically improve every smile, and it will also solve any tempo-mandibular problems since some people have an incorrect bite due to their teeth position.
  • Teeth whitening: This is different from the common over the counter teeth whitening kits from the stores since this consists of a professional dental treatment that does not damage your teeth.

Want to get a beautiful smile these holidays in the Metro Area of Phoenix?

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