How long does a root canal take to heal?

To estimate the recovery time of a root canal, we must first know the process of this treatment:

A root canal (or endodontics) treatment consists of the removal and replacement of the dental pulp with a sealing material to stop an ongoing infection. 

The dental pulp contains nerves and blood vessels that can cause sharp pain if they get infected by bacteria leaking into it. 

These bacteria can leak into the dental pulp from a tooth fracture, unattended tooth decay, etc.

That is why a root canal consists of the removal and replacement of this diseased dental pulp with a sealing dental material that ceases the infection and prevents further damage to the jawbone and surrounding areas of the tooth.

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A root canal is a highly reliable dental intervention with over 95% of success rate. However, even with this high success rate, people wonder how much time it takes for a root canal to heal.

Root canal recovery time

Root canal recovery tends to be different since each tooth is different. However, all root canals can be divided into three main categories:

Category one

The tooth is irreversibly inflamed; this gives the patient a burning and painful sensation. 

These cases usually do not require antibiotics, but painkillers may be prescribed for a couple of days until the tooth heals.

It takes one day for the numbness (from anesthesia) to wear down, and 3 to 7 seven days for it to completely heal.

Category two

The tooth is infected and may present a sharp or no pain at all since the tooth is dead from the ongoing infection. 

This is a more complex case from a just inflamed tooth since it may require some managing of the infection for some time, and then the root canal procedure per se.

That is why this case may require a longer recovery time and will also require the use of antibiotics and painkillers after the treatment. 

The total recovery time is between one to two weeks after the procedure.

Category three

This case involves infection and swelling of the tooth. Therefore, these are the most complicated ones to manage, since they require close management. 

These cases are usually met with deep pain by patients since here the infection usually has leaked to soft tissue and even to the jawbone. 

Therefore, in these cases, the root canal procedure must begin immediately by using a medicine called calcium hydroxide in the tooth under temporary filling for up to three weeks.

However, most cases can be managed with only the root canal and the prescription of antibiotics and painkillers. The total recovery time for these cases is between one to two weeks.

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