How is a root canal done?

Perhaps you have an infection, or one tooth inflamed and you want to know in detail how a root canal is performed since your dentist told you that this is the treatment that you need to eliminate your discomfort.  

To understand the procedure let’s start by understanding the following: a tooth is not a homogeneous structure but is made up of several types of tissues and among these is the enamel in the crown of the tooth, which is the first barrier of protection against decay. 

In second place we have the dentin, which is a more yellowish tissue that goes under the enamel and covers the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth. 

And finally, we have the pulp, which includes the nerves and blood vessels. This part is what gives life to the tooth, so it is very susceptible to damage from tooth decay and other problems.

What is the main cause of infection? 

Cavities and this is because the tooth is exposed to many external substances such as germs. 

Tooth decay is a destructive process that usually starts in the tooth enamel because of inadequate hygiene for the most part. If the decay continues untreated, it will move to the other layers of the teeth, through the dentin, and into the pulp of the tooth, leading to the death of the living tissue of the tooth.

Once the pulp of the tooth is infected, it must be removed and replaced with other materials that will permanently seal the tooth. This procedure of removing, cleaning, and sealing the tooth is called endodontics, and it eliminates the infection and the pain caused by all these problems.

Now that you know how this treatment will help you eliminate dental infections, let’s talk about: How is a root canal done? 

The reality is that the process takes several steps for the elimination of the infection of the tooth and the reconstruction of the tooth for its protection with different materials. The steps to be followed by dentists are usually as follows:

Step 1: Diagnosis of the case.

In this step, one or more diagnostic consultations are carried out for the recognition and planning of the endodontic intervention process.

Step 2: Mouth and tooth preparation

In this step, the actual procedure begins. Here the tooth and mouth are prepared for the endodontic procedure.

Step 3: Cleaning, shaping, and filling of the tooth

This is the actual surgical intervention step. In this step, the dead tissue is removed from the tooth and the remaining healthy tooth is cleaned.

Step 4: Sealing the tooth

This is the last step of the surgical process before restorative treatment. Here the tooth is sealed with a material that does not allow the passage of bacteria that can cause a new infection.

Step 5: Restorative treatment

Once the infection is controlled and the risk of tooth loss is eliminated, full restoration of the tooth should be sought. A dental crown is usually the most popular treatment for this step.

Surely after learning how a root canal is performed, your main question now will be: does the treatment hurt? 

The reality is that your tooth may feel sensitive, however, this type of discomfort can be alleviated with the medications that your dentist prescribes. 

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