Ear pain after wisdom teeth removal

woman suffering from ear pain after wisdom teeth removal

A recurring question is whether there may be ear pain after wisdom teeth removal and although the answer is yes, to clarify the reasons we will explain why.

A wisdom tooth removal is a surgical procedure that needs a proper care process to let everything heal properly. A disruption in the healing process can cause problems that can be permanent. 

That is why dentists give you guidelines to follow to achieve an adequate recovery, so you can get back to your regular life and eating habits as soon as possible. 

Some complications can cause serious discomfort, which is not normal during the healing process. 

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The Ear pain after wisdom teeth removal is normal 

After the extraction process, some inflammation is to be expected in the area. This inflammation can cause ear pain, which is normal for some days during the healing process.

During this time, steroids and painkillers are usually get prescribed to decrease inflammation and relieve the pain, which helps to aid the healing process.

However, if the patient does not follow the guidelines for a proper recovery, there can be some complications that can cause serious pain in ear from wisdom teeth removal.

Some of these complications are the following:


A common thing that happens in the healing process is that the extraction zone gets easily irritated. This irritation can cause pain to the ear since it is connected to the nerves of the teeth. 

In the first days, irritation is a really common problem, which can get triggered by common causes. That is why as we just stated above, steroids and painkillers can be an aid to this process.


When the healing process is not following a proper path, an infection can occur (also called a dry socket). The main symptoms of a dry socket are jaw and ear pain, which is why if you see any problem with your healing process, you need to contact your dentist as soon as possible. 

A not treated infection can cause serious problems, such as jawbone infection, nerve damage, and more.

Nerve damage

If there is chronic pain that does not seem to be caused by an infection, a dry socket, or any other healing disruption process, you could have some nerve damage product of an inadequate wisdom teeth removal process. 

However, we have good news; even though nerve damage was thought to be permanent, there is new research showing how brain plasticity exercises can cure pain resulting from nerve damage. 

Therefore, working with a neurologist can help decrease and even eliminate the pain.


woman with pain in ear from wisdom teeth

Are complications from wisdom teeth removal common?

The short answer to this question is no. If the dentist properly planned the surgical procedure, and if the patient followed the healing process guidelines, complications are a rare occurrence between wisdom teeth and ear pain.

That is why choosing a good dental office and carefully following the recovery instructions is important to achieve a good recovery.

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