Dental implants: Advantages and disadvantages

When a tooth is lost, what is sought is to replace it as quickly as possible with dental implants. If a tooth is not replaced quickly it can cause long-term problems. Not only dental problems, but there may also be loss of the jawbone or even digestive problems.

What can I do if I have lost a tooth? What treatments are there?

Within modern dentistry we have two popular options for tooth replacement; dental bridges (fixed and removable) and dental implants. Here we will talk about its advantages and disadvantages.

What is a dental implant?

The dental implant consists of placing a titanium cylinder in the bone where the tooth was lost. This is a surgical procedure that requires the use of anesthesia. A screw-retained steel crown is placed on the implant, which will be covered with a ceramic piece that gives the appearance of a real tooth.

What is a dental implant

Advantages and disadvantages of dental implants

Like any dental procedure, it carries risks and benefits in the form of advantages and disadvantages, here we list some of the dental implants.

1. It is a fixed and permanent piece.
2. It is not necessary to do any dental wear. Unlike other treatments, implants do not wear dental pieces.
3. 97% success rate. Dental implants have one of the highest success rates of any dental treatment.
4. Easy to clean. An implant is cleaned as any other tooth.
1. High cost. Dental implants are one of the most expensive procedures in dentistry. However, the benefits are greater than those of other dental treatments.
2. Long waiting time. A dental implant takes a waiting process of at least 2 months.
3. Not all people qualify. There are people who do not qualify for a dental implant, from people who suffer from diabetes, to people who have undergone cancer treatment.

What is the best dental treatment for a lost tooth?

We have already talked about dental bridges, and now we have talked about dental implants. Each treatment has its advantages and disadvantages, so it depends on various points, such as the patient’s budget, the time that has passed since the loss, the urgency for replacement, among others. With the help of these two lists of advantages and disadvantages, you can make a more informed decision.

What is the best dental treatment for a lost tooth

Where can I replace a tooth in Phoenix?If you have lost a tooth and are looking to replace it, you can come to Somos Dental. In Somos dental we have fixed and removable dental bridge treatments and dental implants. At Somos Dental we have taken strict cleaning measures against the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic so that you have a safe experience. You can contact us by SMS, phone call, or through our online form, which includes a free initial assessment. In Somos Dental we have five locations through the Phoenix Arizona metro area in Downtown, Desert Sky, Mesa and Camelback. If you like to contact us, we also have the number 623-232-0089.

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