Dental implants: Advantages and disadvantages

Dental implants Advantages and disadvantages

When a tooth is lost, what is sought is to replace it as quickly as possible with dental implants. If a tooth is not replaced quickly it can cause long-term problems. Not only dental problems, but there may also be loss of the jawbone or even digestive problems. What can I do if I have […]

How long do I have to wear dental braces?


If you are interested in knowing how long you should wear dental braces, the reality is that this is a medium or long-term treatment therefore, it is usually a slow process. There are people who are already undergoing orthodontic treatment, but their dentist has never told them exactly how long they will be using braces, […]

How to know if I need dental braces

How to know if I need dental braces

Most people think that dental braces are only for fixing crooked teeth. However, this is not the only reason to start an orthodontics treatment. Some decades ago, dental braces were restricted to a few upper-class individuals. However, these last years there has been an “orthodontics revolution”, which not only means that traditional dental braces are […]

Dentist near me: Can we go to the dentist right now?


Some States have lifted or eased restrictions, which now allows people to look for elective treatment. This is important for people who need dental treatment, but could not go to their dentist due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  As of May 1st, the State of Arizona now allows people to seek some non-emergency dental options, according to the Arizona State […]

Looking for an affordable dentist in phoenix? Come to Somos Dental

Looking for an affordable dentist in phoenix?

Most people are postponing much needed dental procedures, since they are not considered an emergency during the lockdown. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, many have not been able to get preventative medical and dental treatment as a way to stop the rapid growth of the virus. However, according to theArizona State Board of Dental Examiners, […]

Emergency dentist in Phoenix

Emergency dentist in Phoenix

The world has been under stressing times with the Coronavirus pandemic. The whole country has been locked down in an attempt to stop the propagation of the virus. The state of Arizona has complied with the country’s efforts and has ordered non-essential businesses to cease activities. Dental offices have also ceased non-urgent dental appointments such as checkups, dental cleanings, and dental […]

Should I go to the dentist while coronavirus is going around?

So, how can you take care of your dental health during quarantine?

As of April 4, 2020 at 11:32 pm (MST), the United States of America is the country with the most confirmed cases of COVID-19 (also known as ‘Coronavirus‘) in the world. This has led the president of the U.S. to declare a state of emergency for the entire country. Furthermore, several states have mandated social distancing and […]

How to take care after a tooth extraction

How to take care after a tooth extraction

Tooth extraction aftercare. Healing properly after a tooth extraction depends on how well you stick to the routine given to you by your dentist. Maybe you got your wisdom teeth removed, maybe you got a tooth removed for a dental implant, or maybe you got several teeth extracted to start wearing braces. Now you’re asking yourself “How do I care for […]

Tips for Brushing Your Teeth with Braces

image2 (2)

One of the first questions someone asks after undergoing an orthodontic braces procedure is: how do I brush my teeth? Many times, the orthodontist will give you detailed instructions, but there are still questions sometimes. Best ways to brush your teeth with braces Rinse your mouth with water to more easily dislodge food particles.  When […]

Phoenix Dentist: 15 Reasons to Visit Somos Dental.


If you are considering getting a dental treatment and you normally go all the way to Mexico to get what you believe is going to be a cheaper treatment, you now have a better option! At Somos Dental we are known for our high-quality services and affordable prices. You can get the treatment you need […]


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