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Most people are postponing much needed dental procedures, since they are not considered an emergency during the lockdown. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, many have not been able to get preventative medical and dental treatment as a way to stop the rapid growth of the virus. However, according to theArizona State Board of Dental Examiners, we have received orders that as of May 1st, dental offices will “re-open” for elective treatments. This means that dentists will no longer only offer emergency care, but will also start to offer services for elective procedures. This means that you will be able to get several pending procedures such as braces, teeth cleaning, implants, dentures, and so on. If you have a pending dental treatment that you have not been able to move forward with then you can visit us at Somos Dental for an affordable and professional service in the Phoenix area.

So, is it safe to visit the dentist now?

visit the dentist

Once the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic started to grow, every non-essential activity had to cease in order to flatten the curve and stop hospitals from overcrowding. Most basic health care units had to stop operations in fear of becoming focal infection centers. These included dental offices since they actually work with mouth fluids. The main concern is that even though every dental office is mandated to clean and sanitize their machines and tools, that this may not be enough precautions to deal with a virus. Once someone undergoes a procedure that requires the use of a drill or a scaler, there is the possibility that it can leave live viruses in the air up to 3 hours. Having potentially contaminated zones can be dangerous for both the patient and dentist, which was why the federal and state government had mandated to ceases non-emergency interventions.

At Somos Dental we know the risks of dental procedures and potential viral infections. That is why we use, clean, sanitize, and sterilize every machine, tool, and material that is involved in every single procedure. We also use air cleaners and purifiers in order to offer the safest possible environment for our patients.

What exactly falls under elective treatment?

Elective treatment includes several dental and aesthetic procedures that do not require immediate attention, since they do not present an immediate threat to the patient’s health. Many of these were not the specified conditions and procedures from the American Dental Association, which mainly applied to emergency care. Some of the new dental service procedures that can be attended to now are:

  • Braces
  • Braces maintenance/ tightening
  • Cleanings
  • Deep Cleanings
  • Implants
  • Dentures
  • Etc.

Why choose Somos Dental?

If you have a dental emergency, or you are looking for an affordable dentist in the Phoenix area, you can contact us at Somos Dental. We have taken special precautions with the Coronavirus crisis. We clean, sterilize, disinfect every surface, and we only see one client at a time. We can help you with an emergency dentistry and elective treatments. In conclusion, at Somos Dental we want to do everything in our power to slow down the Coronavirus pandemic that has been affecting the world. Make sure to give us a call or message us to find out if your case is considered an emergency. At Somos Dental we have a team of great professionals that can take care of your needs! If you do need to contact us for a dental emergency, you can do so through messenger on Facebook, by phone, or by email. We have 5 locations throughout the Phoenix Metro Area: Downtown, Desert Sky, Mesa and, Camelback. We are open for limited days and hours so give us a call at 623-232-0089 if you have any questions.

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