Mouth cancer has become a common occurrence globally. That is why it is important to know the early symptoms to get better treatment. Mouth cancer has different types of cancers that can appear in the mouth which include:

  • Buccal cancer (inside of the cheeks).
  • Lip cancer.
  • Oral salivary gland cancer.
  • Tongue cancer.
  • Hard palate cancer.
  • Mandibular cancer.

Mouth cancers enter the category of head and neck cancers. Which means that mouth, neck, and head cancers are often treated in similar ways.

What are the early symptoms and signs of mouth cancer?

Sometimes people do not know that they have a type of mouth cancer until it is incidentally diagnosed. In most cases it occurs when they go to the dentist or the doctor for a different problem. However, there are some early symptoms and signs that can indicate the early presence of mouth cancer. Some of these symptoms and signs include the following:

  • Mouth pain (Even when eating)
  • Loose teeth
  • Chronic jaw, mouth, and/or ear pain
  • Difficult or painful swallowing 
  • Lump in your mouth that does not disappear.

How to prevent mouth cancer?

Mouth cancer has both genetic and environmental causes. You cannot control the later ones, but you can change certain behaviors that increase your risk for developing mouth cancer which include:

Stop smoking or chewing tobacco. It is a well-known fact that consuming tobacco is a major risk factor to develop mouth cancer. It does not matter whether you smoke, vape, or chew it, since consuming it by any means exposes your healthy cells to dangerous amounts of toxic chemicals.

Avoid excessive sun exposure. Even when the sun is good in healthy amounts (15 unprotected minutes a day). Excessive sun to the lips and the whole body can be harmful. If you are working or are going to be outside for a prolonged time, try using physical protection. (A hat and sunglasses) and sunscreen in every uncovered part of your body (remember to reapply every two hours).

Visit your dentist regularly. Even though you can look for the specific mouth cancer symptoms and signs from this article. A dentist is the oral health professional that can confirm if your case consists of mouth cancer. Visit us at Somos Dental to get a routine checkup, teeth cleaning and check for any potential signs.

Where to check my mouth for mouth cancer?

If you have had any of the listed symptoms for two or more weeks you can visit us at Somos Dental to check if your case needs to be viewed by a doctor to discard any potential mouth cancer. You can also come to Somos Dental for your routine check-up or to get any dental and orthodontic work that you need. You can call us at our number 623-233-066 or you can also fill our online form, both methods include a free first appointment and free X-rays (if needed), we have six locations through the Phoenix Metro area at Downtown Phoenix, Desert Sky Mall, Camelback, Mesa, Laveen, and Avondale.

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