Is pain after a root canal normal?

There are people who even after having a root canal (endodontics) procedure still feel a sharp pain in their tooth. However, this is not normal. In a root canal, the dental pulp is removed, which includes blood vessels and nerves. Once the dental nerves are removed, there should be no cause of pain, since the nerves are the parts that communicate pain to the brain.


Therefore, what is causing pain in an already treated tooth? We will list the possible causes of pain in a tooth after a root canal.

They did not perform the root canal procedure

Although it may seem incredible, there are cases in which patients report a deep pain even after what was thought to be a root canal treatment. However, when assessing these patients’ tooth under X-rays, it can be seen that the tooth has not been performed a root canal.

The root canal was poorly performed

This happens when the entire nerve is not removed and some of the pulp remaining at the root continues to cause problems. It can also happen when the treatment is not well sealed and leaks bacteria that can cause infection.

The tooth is fractured

Sometimes a tooth with a root canal treatment continues to generate pain. This may happen if the tooth is fractured. These fractures are sometimes not detected due to how small they are, which may need a deep dental examination with X-rays to be diagnosed.

These were some causes of tooth pain after an endodontic  treatment. However, if you are looking for more information about the process, causes and consequences of an endodontic treatment, you can continue reading the following information.


What is endodontics?

Endodontics (rooth canal) is the process that involves removing the dental pulp which includes nerves and blood vessels. This process is performed in tooth trauma and infection cases that can lead to tooth loss if not immediately filled, replaced, and sealed with an impermeable material that prevents the passage of bacteria.

Can a root canal fail?

A root canal (endodontics) treatment is a fairly safe process, although it depends on each particular case. There are cases in which the patient shows infections or serious trauma that puts the tooth at risk. However, endodontics is a safe treatment with a more than a 95% probability of success, making it a highly safe treatment in non-serious cases.

Does the endodontic process hurt?

What hurts in endodontics is not performing the process at time. Most of the patients who come to the dental offices do so with such a deep pain that does not allow them to continue with their day to day activities. Endodontics or a root canal is a surgical treatment performed under local anesthesia. So, the process itself does not generate pain. Once the nerve and the inflamed pulp are removed, patients can resume their normal lives.

What is the price of endodontics?

The endodontic process is usually around $ 1000 USD in various dental clinics. However, in Somos Dental we not only provide the best endodontic treatments, but we also have the following special promotions:

Regular root canal starting at $ 599 USD *

Molar root canal starting at $ 799 USD *

* These prices do not include the cost of restorative treatments such as dental crowns.

Where can I get a root canal treatment in Phoenix?

In Somos Dental we have the best endodontic treatments. We are located in 5 different places throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area in Mesa, Camelback, Downtown, Laveen, and Desert Sky. You can contact us by text message (SMS), Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or our phone number 623-232-0089. If you are looking for endodontic treatment, you can fill out our online form with which you get a free evaluation appointment.

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