How much does a root canal cost?

Root canals can be expensive, that is a fact. However, when someone has an infected tooth, they only have two options: to get a root canal or to lose the tooth. 

Endodontics consists of removing and replacing the infected dental pulp with a sealing material to stop an ongoing infection. A root canal should be done immediately since any delay can put the tooth in danger. 

A treatment on time will bring back the tooth’s functionality, aesthetics, and appearance with a dental crown’s aid. However, if the infection is not stopped on time, it can lead to further problems, such as a jaw infection, the loss of the tooth, or even the creation of blood clots that can cause a stroke.

Are root canals safe?

Yes. Root canals have an over 95% success rate.

How much does a root canal cost?

A root canal cost is between $800 and $ 2,000. Each specific case can slightly raise or lower the price, but practically all root canals are around that price. The following points can further lower or raise the price:

Diagnostic appointments and X-rays: Many dental offices usually charge the diagnostic stage, which increases the price a lot. However, at Somos Dental, we offer a free diagnostic appointment, including x-rays and other services.

Tooth type: Molars tend to cost more due to the number of canals that they have.

Damage extension: An extensive damage is more difficult to treat.

Root canal cost with insurance

If you have an insurance policy that covers root canals, you can pay as low as:

  • From $0 to $800 for a front tooth
  • From $0 to $1200 for a molar

The total cost for a root canal with insurance depends on your specific insurance policy. You can call your insurance company or let us at Somos Dental fill the forms for you.

Root canal cost without insurance

The out-of-pocket cost for a root canal depends on each dental office. The average root canal cost without insurance is the following:

  • $800 for front teeth
  • $1200 for molars

Does the root canal cost include the crown?

Even when root canals NEED a crown, they are not usually added to the final cost. Ask your dentist how much it will be for both the root canal and the dental crown.

Why do root canals cost so much?

Root canals cost so much because they are surgeries. All surgeries require anesthesia, prescription medications after the procedure, new sterilized materials, and more. However, in Somos Dental we have special promotions that will make you save money with your root canal treatment.

Where to get a cheap root canal in the Phoenix Metro area?

If you are looking for affordable root canal treatment in the Phoenix, Arizona area, you can turn to Somos Dental. At Somos Dental, we have unique endodontic treatment promotions.

We also have payment facilities, so you can continue to get a good price without paying in cash. If you want to take advantage of our endodontic promotion, you can contact us by phone at 623-232-0089 or by our other means: Facebook Messenger, Text message (SMS), or WhatsApp. You can also fill out our online form, which includes a free diagnostic appointment. You can find us at one of our six locations: Desert Sky Mall, Downtown Phoenix, Camelback, Laveen, and Avondale.

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