What to know before getting braces?

If you are reading this article then you must be wondering about braces. You may have already asked friends or relatives who went through this process, what to expect. People mainly get braces to change both their aesthetic smile, to improve their overall health and even self-esteem. In this article we will discuss what to expect from both a medical and personal point of view, as well as, the experiences that we have gathered through our years in practice.

What to know before getting braces?

Do not expect immediate results

Even though braces are not a life-long treatment, they surely are a medium-term commitment. This may seem a bit like a negative, however, we must make sure that anyone considering getting braces is aware that changes are not immediate and the responsibility necessary to go through the process. We need to let all of our potential clients know the type of commitment it takes for this kind of orthodontic treatment.

So, how much time until I start to see visible changes?

Once you’ve started your treatment, you will usually begin to see results anywhere between three to four weeks and then in 7 weeks to 2 months. This may not seem like a long time and to be honest, it is not. However, some orthodontic clinics promise immediate results, but every single type of treatment will generally start to show results in the time frame we specified.

Why does it take this long to start showing results?

Starting an orthodontics process is a technical, complex and carefully measured medical procedure. A certain time frame is required to get you under a safe, yet practical treatment so, that everything can be finished in the proper amount of time while still following strict medical guidelines. If the time frame is too slow it can result in a shortening of your denture’s roots. If the time frame is too quick it can result in very uncomfortable, unbearable pain, as well as, bone and dental damage. That is why this procedure must be carried out by trained and certified dental health professionals.   

Okay, now I know what to expect, but how can I get started? Where can I get more information to begin my treatment?

As we said before if you are reading this article then you are already in search of a change to your smile and your overall health. You are in the right place. At Somos Dental we are known for our practical, affordable, and professional dental procedures that are carried out by our team of up-to-date, certified dental health professionals.

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